Simply Salted

The all time classic flavor, loved by all! Be it movie time or a get- together, Simply Salted cannot be missed!

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Indian  Masala

Get nostalgic, as our Indian Masala popcorn is inspired from Ahmedabad's most loved Law garden area!

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Full of Cheese

Cheese originating from the English village of Cheddar, experience intense Cheesy Flavor that lingers in your mouth.

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Peri Peri Thriller

Peri Peri Thriller Flavor for all the peri peri fanatics to spice your daily schedule! Chillies straight from Africa, time to feed your fire!

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Pudina Makhana

Minty yumminess that's equal parts tasty and refreshing. Impossible to stop after just one.

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Black Pepper Makhana

Sometimes the simplest of spices can pack in the most magic! This one's a perfect example.

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Cheese Makhana

Our cheeslicious take on the classic Makhana. Because no one can say no to something cheesy!

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Cheese Tomato Makhana

The awesomeness of cheddar cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes come together to create a flavourgasm like you've never experienced before!

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Peri Peri Makhna

Some like it hot, but everyone likes Peri Peril African Chillies to add a perfect zing with every mouthful.

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Pink Salt Makhana

A flavour that's bound to feel familiar yet new! Subtle yet memorable, this one's simply irresistlble.

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About Us

We noticed a significant gap in the market for an ultra-delicious snack that you could have during any time of the day. After months of obsessing over new flavors, appetizing ingredients and thorough research, it was the winter of 2018 when Ultra pop was born. At Ultrapop, we choose to be dynamic, buoyant & exceptional. Every packet is made with supreme quality offerings which provide a distinct taste. Our unique recipes begin in the kitchen and we are passionate about creating scrumptious flavors. Our quality seasonings used in all packs adds a delicious depth of flavor from the first bite till the last. We firmly believe in snacking without compromise.


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